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The Story

While I prefer EMG pickups, and a string-thru-body with locking tuners, there are many options for hardware configurations depending on your preference.

Guitars and basses are all of neck-thru-body construction for better feel and sustain. Many exotic and domestic fingerboard woods are available, as well as custom inlay.

If you can conceive it, I can probably build it. Your body style, the wood you like, the finish of your choice. These are total custom instruments.

What is available?

Each guitar comes with a custom wood case and a guitar strap with straplocks. You are on your own for cables and an amp.

I began playing at about 13 years old with a 4-string bass. I quickly decided that I wanted the added challenge and range of 2 more strings, so I traded for a cheap guitar. Axe in hand, I started a band with a few friends and became the stereotypical teenage metal-head.

There were some poor decisions on my part that found me as a young family man with an urgent need for a regular income. So ended my guitar dreams, at least for a while.

Not to be denied, my need to play saw me join a handful of bands and even enjoy enough success to open shows for people you may have actually heard of. At least until an accident put that to a stop.

I still play for fun, but my focus now is on the build.

I personally do all of the woodcraft, including inlays along with any decorative metal.  

My paint work is done by award-winning custom painter Chris Ramirez over at RR/C.

Back in the days when I still harbored dreams of being a guitar-god rock star, I began the search for the guitar of my dreams. As the search drug on, I began to realize that such an instrument did not exist.

So I began to do research. I bought parts. I did more research. The parts sat and gathered dust while I worked to tutor my luthier knowledge. With that knowledge came the understanding that I had neither the tools or the skills to perform my task.

After much sacrifice, I purchased enough tooling to allow me to resume the build of my dream guitar. It was time to put my knowledge into practice. Unfortunately, skills cannot be purchased. So began the learning curve, and some destruction ensued.

Somehow, I was able to work my way through my first guitar, a bulky, maple-bodied, 'W' shaped axe. While it did not end up as nice as I had envisioned, it was still nice enough to make me put down my old guitar in favor of my home made one.

Still, I was not entirely happy with the end result and have since been on an endless push to improve my quality while expanding the limits of what can be done. While that journey will never be done, I am pretty pleased with these instruments, and I'm confident that you will be, too.